Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dreaming of Yemen

I'm settling in quite nicely into my much more sedentary existence here in Vermont, although I guess a hint of wanderlust still haunts my dreams.  This summer, for a number of reasons, I turned down an amazing job offer at Hong Kong University.  It was really a tough call, but in the end I think it was the right decision.  However, once you've been bitten by the foreign travel bug you never really get over it.  I've really been thinking a lot about Yemen lately, as I have ever since too short but eventful trip there a year and a half ago. In between reading books on Yemen and constantly following blogs and tweets from Yemeni writers the plight of this amazing place is on my mind.  As in my wont I'm putting together a proposal for a website devoted to life in Yemen as a mechanism for changing perceptions, and am forging a letter to some folks that I follow on Twitter to see if I can put something together.  Don't know where it will lead, but I'm jazzed about it - and there was a time when the Global Modules were just an odd little concept that was seemingly just my crazy little scheme.  Beyond the fact that Yemen is such a fascinating place I don't know why it has so completely captured my imagination.  Maybe it's because it is about as far removed from life in Vermont as I can imagine, and this is just my means of dealing with my slower-paced life and more limited universe.

The sun setting in Sana'a.

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Kate B-L said...

I know two FC alums who live in Hong Kong. One is a Pi Phi! :) Just sayin'.