Sunday, September 10, 2017

Second Saturdays

As is well-documented, I have an abundance of friends, really an embarrassment of riches.  They're all funnier and smarter and cooler than me, but they let me hang with them because I take picture.  So, here's a series of pictures of one of my favorite monthly events: Second Saturdays.  One of the things that makes our circle of friends work so well is that we make a very concerted effort to create opportunities to get together, and thus the birth of Second Saturdays.  The esteemed Kathy and Phil Seiler host a soiree at their house the second Saturday of every month.  Each time Phil creates some signature cocktail and everyone bring food.  Actually, everyone usually brings healthy food, except for me who stops by Klinger's Bakery and brings a Key Lime Pie (as a Southerner would). Topics of conversation included worst classroom moments and most embarrassing moments (which Cyndi dominated) and most inappropriate comments (which, naturally, I dominated).

Last night's signature cocktails.  The Spicy Summer Sendoff was infused with jalapenos, and it was truly spicy.

Kathy walking us through the feast, which was one of excellence.

Dave and Rebecca brought flowers for Kathy (and I'm hoping for Phil, because I think this is one of those Title IX things). The flowers were immediately fixed behind ears as part of the summer send-off theme.  Here is Kathy sporting hers, and looking very happy to have the crew there.

Rebecca, beflowered and vamping for the camera.

Cyndi struggling to get her flower situated, and not have an accident.

My travelling companion Cyndi and her long-suffering husband Bill.

Kathy and Phil getting ready to sing two-part harmony, and right after that creepy little Japanese girl called them on the phone and said "seven days."

The most excellent Rebecca and Dave Mills.  
This Second Saturday also gave us the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the esteemed Dr. Dave Mills.  Oh, and I can heartily recommend the Key Lime Pie squares from Klinger's.

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