Friday, November 3, 2017

Oh, It's On

Yes, the March student trip to Jordan is on.  After some trials and tribulations, and the routine fighting with the powers that be at Champlain, the powers of logic and all that is good have prevailed - and Cyndi and I are taking seventeen hardy souls to Jordan over spring break.  As I did with the Zanzibar trip, I set up a secret (their language) group page on Facebook for the parents of the students going on the trip.  I was having trouble finding my various collections of Jordan pictures (who knows the logic of my filing system?) so I came here to the blog to steal some of my own shots for repurposing, and was more than a little stunned how few posts I have for Jordan.  I been going to Jordan for fifteen years and have passed through the country ten or more times, so how do I have so few posts?  Clearly, I'll need to rectify this crime.

Our student Emma clambering up to the top of the Roman amphitheater in downtown Amman.  I think it was here that the students fell in love with Jordan, not simply because of the beauty, but because they were swarmed by dozens of young Jordanians who simply wanted to sit and talk to them - and Friend them on Facebook and Instagram - and welcome them to their country.

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