Friday, May 18, 2018

Another cryptozoological oddity: the married Wixon

I received some very happy news the other day from my great friend Bill Wixon.  As I've discussed before, he started out as my student but then became much more.  A few months ago he returned from years working in Ireland.  While there he met, and fell in love with, Rebeca Avila Luis, a very lovely Spanish woman (although we also have to wonder about her eyesight and powers of perception).  Anyway, he sent me a text announcing that they'd eloped, which is such extraordinary news.  They'll have to tackle the whole visa process, which I know from personal experience to be expensive, maddening and time-consuming, but I'm betting on them.  I couldn't be happier for him. For her, of course, I have tremendous pity . . .

The lovely couple.  She's lovely, and he makes it a couple. Clearly, he's marrying above his station in life.

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