Monday, May 14, 2018

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Students and Delicious Coconuts

I'm still getting caught up - and apparently will be for years - on travel blog posts.  I think I can hundreds of posts waiting to be completed, which I guess, honestly, is representative of a life lived well (or irresponsibly). Here are some pictures of our students from the last trip to Zanzibar enjoying their first taste of fresh coconut. Steve and I were always pushing them on the students because, beyond being delicious, they're a great source of electrolytes.  You can buy them on the street for a pittance, although we went straight to the source.

Well, if you're going to enjoy some fresh coconuts, then you first need to get some fresh coconuts, which means climbing to the top of a nearby tree.  Our job was not to climb the tree, but mainly to avoid the incoming coconut missiles coming to earth.

There is some preparation, which we usually just requires a very sharp knife (which we also kept away from the students).  Per usual, Steven was front and center for any activity.

The coconuts were a tremendous success.  Left to right: Emily, Claire, Caitlin, Genevieve, Montse.

Even Max, who only grudgingly agreed to try the coconuts, ended up hungrily drinking three of them.

And so the Sisterhood of the Travelling Students and Delicious Coconuts was born.

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