Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bellows Falls

One of the great blessings, and there have been many, of the last several years has been having my son living here in Vermont.  For over a year he lived about two miles away, which meant that we got together a couple times of week, even if it was only for late night dessert at Denny's.  Last year he moved to the other side of the state, so I don't see him as much but still quite a bit. I'm going to head over to his place for a longer stay this summer (I can unsuccessfully write at his desk as unsuccessfully as I can at mine) but normally I just drive over for Saturday stays.  A couple of weeks ago on a visit we did normal dad and son (at least this dad and son things) like go catch a movie (we both really liked A Quiet Place) and discussed philosophy and religion - and he took me over to Bellows Falls, which actually has a pretty vibrant little downtown. He's a wonderful man, which I mainly assign to his mother.

I love this picture, standing in front of the Bellows Falls sign.

And here he is walking me through the complexities of the Bellows Falls Diner menu.  We clearly have a thing for diners, as his Dutch Mill sweatshirt shows.

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